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 Profile:Lazerus Havelock / Krell Sigismund

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PostSubject: Profile:Lazerus Havelock / Krell Sigismund   Profile:Lazerus Havelock / Krell Sigismund EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 3:50 pm

As a beginning note, these are not two seperate characters. They are one person, one a false identity, one a real one.

Taken Identity
Name: Lazerus Havelock

Age: 22

Year: Year 3

Dorm: Fire Dorm; Nauthiz Wing; Room 129

What: Werewolf (Believed, not true)

Physical: Lazerus is tall and fit, hair jet black and eyes a yellow green. His body type is lanky, skin is tanned and rough, and there are many scars along his cheek and back. Since his dissappearance, Larzerus's eyes have grown more yellow in color, and the scent he carried around has dissapepared. He no longer smells of musk and wolf, but of graveyards and dirt.

Personality: Lazerus, once know for his almost bullish additude, has since become more quiet and calmer. He is curious, suspicious, but still prone to the angry outbursts he was once known for. He's frequently confused about things he already learned, and because of his case of amnesia, he has made an effort to reconnect to those that knew him.

Bio: Lazerus came from a rather violent pack of wolves. He came to the University to try and extend his lifespan, as the nature of his upbringing, and his families position within the pack, he was destined to fight and die young. He was a rebellious youth. However, in his second year, he was ambushed by a rival pack and reported dead. Miraculously, however, an overjoyed pack sent thier Lazerus back to University, changed and with a case of amnesia.

Position: Untested

The True Identity

Name: Krell Sigismund

Age: 19

Year: Year 1

Dorm: Fire Dorm; Nauthiz Wing; Room 129

What: Doppleganger

Physical: Far different from his taken identity, Krell is far from handsome. He is tall and gangly, limbs unusually long and lanky. His hands are large, as are his eyes, bright yellow. His skin is a sickly grey and there isn't a bit of hair on his body. There are a few scars here and there on his body. His teeth are sharp and off-color, and his claws are a rotten color brown and sharp are knives.

Personality: Krell is quiet, curious, with an problem with Kleptomania. He perfers to take on the appearance of others to save himself from riddicule. He's lived a hidden life, and keeps his secrets close to himself. Hinting that one knows he's not what he says earns an almnost violent anger.

Bio: A young man was found dying on the sidewalk, half transformed as a vicious beast, loosing bloody fast and the ability to live. This is where Krell found him, half dead and angry as he died. He loitered over the body, reading the boy's thoughts as he mentally ranted over how terrrible it was to die like this, as he thought about his familiy and life at the university. He became this man, Lazerus Havelock. He took on his identity, and dragged the body elsewhere. He tore it limb from limb, to make sure no trace of his original would be found. His familiy thought Lazerus was dead. They were amazed when he appeared to them minimally injured, but forgetful.
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Profile:Lazerus Havelock / Krell Sigismund
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