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 Profile: Darcy Lux

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Profile:  Darcy Lux Empty
PostSubject: Profile: Darcy Lux   Profile:  Darcy Lux EmptySat Apr 04, 2009 9:51 pm

Name: Darcy Lux

Age: 21 (1724)

Year: Senior

Dorm: Water dorm, Frey wing, Room 120

What: (shadow) Elf

Physical: Lux is beautiful, as all fairy tale incarnations of elves tend to be. He is blonde and blue-eyed, limber and thin as a willow, quicker than a hummingbird, and more distant than the moon. He stands at 5 ft 10 in, a perfect male specimen. His shadow is Darcy, a mirror image only in shades of black and gray, as dark as Lux is fair, but he is almost never seen beyond the shadow he appears to be. Darcy can shape himself into anything or anyone's shadow.

Personality: Darcy is quite aware of his fragile hold on life. 'Born' just 21 years ago, he is as jolly and mischievous as Lux is cold and arrogant. He is also exceedingly lonely, with only Lux for company, unless the elf decides to 'gift' others with his presence, or unless Lux sends him away for some reason. As for Lux, for no one calls him by his first name, he is beyond the trivialities that consume most of his 'classmates' and does not deign to sully himself with their dreary lives. His smiles never touch his eyes, and his laugh is more menace than amusement. His pursuits of alchemy and spell research consume most of his time. That, and putting up with Darcy, of whom he hasn't yet figured out how to subsume. The problem of the shadow gnaws at Lux, because Lux doesn't fail. At anything. He just ... hasn't won, yet.

Bio: Lux is a sorcerer. A spell imbued his shadow with its own intelligence: the perfect spy. Over time, his personality became skewed, his good and evil natures splitting and becoming more and more concentrated. Lux enrolled at the University to experiment with this strange abnormality, to master his ever more rebellious shadow and learn, not only its capabilities, but how to control it. Darcy and Lux are telepathically connected, and Darcy is required to obey Lux. They have learned how to separate at will.

Position: hmpfh! You wish. ((either))
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Profile: Darcy Lux
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