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 Profile: Kevin Bishop

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PostSubject: Profile: Kevin Bishop   Profile: Kevin Bishop EmptyWed Apr 08, 2009 5:07 am

Name: Kevin Bishop

Age: 18

Year: Year 1

Dorm: Water Dorm; Frey Wing; Room 126

What: Human (with some small magic talent)

Physical: Kevin is about 5'7" with shortish brown hair and light hazel eyes, not the hazel of intense colour, but more desaturated than anything while still being coloured. His body is rather average, with the slight bulges that gave hint to too many take away meals and too little excercise.

Personality: He seems friendly, quick to smile, but nervous around the edges. It will also be soon obvious he is not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to academia. He is likely to struggle in many of the classes. Still, he is the type to make friends fairly easily despite this. He doesn't really like sports, or many of the classes, especially if the teachers are harsh. Friendly he is, but his confidence is not secure and a small knock in just the right area can cause him to dwell too much and get depressed. His mood will lift while in company though.

Bio: Kevin came to the university after one day finding a strange shop in town. He had never noticed it before, though inside it looked as if it had been here forever. It held so many different odds and ends, weird occult type books, crystals, things that gave him severe chills. He had bought a couple of small stones and a book on them and had been back a couple more times. The woman in the shop had chatted with him a while, seeming to like conversation, maybe because the shop never seemed to have anyone else in it. She told him of the university and gave him a note of the open day. He hadn't considered going, but the note seemed to burn a hole in his pocket, his mind going back to it often until he ended up being able to think of nothing else. He ended up going, just to see what it was all about. He had not considered going to university before, both because he knew his skills were not great in academic study.. he found it dull and the information never seemed to stick, and he couldn't really afford it. His parent's didn't have much money.

On the open day he had gone and been amazed by the place. It was massive, and beautiful. The buildings were like nothing else in the city, and it seemed so cut off from the pollution and claustrophobia he found in the city. It was open and spacious and the expanse of it gave him hopes that maybe if he just studied hard enough he would be able to make something of his life instead of just ending up flipping burgers. He even had had an interview at BK the week after. The place was like something from Europe, beautiful stone and glass, polished wood floors, great buttresses. He adored it. He was shown around by one of the teachers with the other people. They seemed so confident and interesting, and he envied them, but the place interested him more. Even if it was just a quick trip that he was never to return to, the place filled his imagination with such wonders. It seemed almost magical.

Of course that had been what had found him the shop in the first place, his own small talent. He knew things, only little things, like knowing who was on the phone before they spoke, when something bad was going to happen nearby, and suchlike. He had known the neighbour was going to have a baby girl before even she knew she was pregnant. She had been a little freaked out. So had he. In the scheme of things though, this small talent was nothing compared to those others in the university. He had no idea there was magic here, he didn't even know magic existed, nevermind vampires and werewolves and the fae.

His tour continued and each of them was given a short interview, which he hadn't been expecting. He had thought it was just an open day, but he was sat down and answered their questions having no real expectation of being let in, especially considering his financial situation, which they now knew about. He left feeling a little depressed, having been shown such a wonderful place only to not have a chance of getting in. He had never really craved such things before, but there was something about the university that felt comfortable and wonderful at the same time.

A shock came a few days later in the post. A short letter from the university saying he had been accepted into the place. What was more was that he had qualified for one of the free places they held aside each year for those on low income. He didn't have to pay! His heart leapt. Could he really go? Could he? He would only need to find the money for clothes, expenses and books, and he had been told in the letter that there were small jobs that were up for grabs for those wishing money during the university term. He could really go! Really really! He stared at the piece of paper, his heart swelling, and for the first time he saw something other than chip fat on the horizon. Little did he know of the wonders that the school still held for him to find out.

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Profile: Kevin Bishop
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