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 Profile: Ash

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Profile:  Ash Empty
PostSubject: Profile: Ash   Profile:  Ash EmptyFri Apr 03, 2009 4:42 pm

Name: Ash

Age: Appears to be around 28

Year: Starting year in university

Dorm: Earth Dorm, Ansuz room 117

What: Fae (Unless you have extremely strong magical detection, you are unlikely to notice anything different from human about him. Please read the rest of the profile before making that decision)

Physical: He is about 5'7" with brown hair, generally non-descript in body type and clothing. If you saw him, he is the type of person that would likely blend into a crowd, unlikely to stand out, and the type of person whose actual features you would quickly forget.
Of course you might remember more if you have charms against glamour and mind control, but very few can match the Fae when it comes to glamour, and very few will bother with the old folklore remedies against it when nothing is being done to arouse suspicion or danger.

If however you are someone who is completely protected against charms, glamour and illusions, you will see more than the bland human male noted above. Indeed, people such as those teachers who are able to see through the illusions and glamour you will see a man slight of body, lithe with delicate bone structure that is not that human. His eyes are piercing blue, not as of ice, but perhaps the glinting of sun off a clear lake or the deep blue of a bright sky glimpsed between clouds. He is beautiful rather than handsome, though there is no question of his gender, his body just goes beyond the bounds of human beauty, delicate yet fierce. There is no doubt, from looking at him that he might be fierce, but there is more fear in those eyes (also hidden behind illusions to the masses) than fierceness. His fingers, much like his body, are slender and long, his back, if one should see it at some point, is coloured with subtle hues one might see glinting off a piece of crystal, swirled and lacking in structure

Personality: Ash is a quiet and subdued personality, and more than happy to blend into the background where it is safer. There are many things he will overlook, but if he feels something is wrong in a big way, or something severely goes against his morals then he will speak up, act, and otherwise come out of the woodwork, and it isn't always pretty. Some of the times he does this might seem rather random, but merely stem from a different set of cultural norms. He can be vicious if pushed, but for the most part he is a benign character.

Bio: He lived in the city that the university was nearest to, but had never gone there. However after a meeting with a man named Ahren, he was all but forced into coming here. The man in question is, or was a student here, and although Ash does not speak of it, it is likely the man in question bullied him into joining up. He is a musician by trade, and you might find him carrying a slightly odd shaped case in which he keeps an old style lute. It might be noted that he has remained undetected in the city by the Courts and the magical community for many years before Ahren found him.

Position: bottom

Possessions: There are several items he took with him to the school. One is a bag filled with bits of clothing, a couple of books, nick-nacks etc. His one prized possession is his lute, which he carries in a case. Outside of university he may have been seen, or heard (but not necessarily remembered) busking in the street in the center of town. The case has a special compartment in the bottom that he uses to hold the coins dropped in it without him having to touch it to scoop them up. On his person he has several charms to help hide his identity, there are two on his wrist, small leather thongs with charms woven in, a more powerful one woven into a pendant he keeps around his neck under clothing, and one more on his ankle. Most of these charms are not seen outside of clothing except perhaps the ones on his wrist, which are made to look generally common with human attire that they tend not to draw any attention.

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Profile: Ash
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