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 Profile: The Black Man

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PostSubject: Profile: The Black Man   Profile: The Black Man EmptyMon May 04, 2009 5:30 pm

Name: Unknown. Dubbed 'The Black Man' by the student body.

Age: Unknown

Year: N/A

Dorm: Whichever he wants, whenever he wants.

What: Shadow Person(Specter)

Physical: Its hard to know what The Black Man looks like. He appears to be tall and wearing a hood, but his form is always stark black with no definable features unless one gets very, very close. People rarely get that close. He appears in a few different forms, sometimes as just a black mass, sometimes a definable person, sometimes see through, some times not. Rarely his eyes will be a visible red, placed just where eyes should be. Even more rare is to hear him make a sound. He is a generally silent specter, but there have been reports of a strange, garbled voice, screams, even a chuckle or two.

Personality: There are mixed stories about The Black Man. He has scared the wits out of his share of students and professors alike, and seems to take delight in doing so. Rarely is he a trouble maker for the staff, though he has been know to lead students to secrets, teach them how to sneak into areas they are not support to go, and very rarely, make them dissappear completely, only to reemerge days, even weeks later, usually a little insane. He is a lurker, a watcher, a guide, and a bit mischevious, but its hard to judge the personality of a shadow person.

Bio: Rumor is that The Black Man is the ghost of a murdered professor deep into the schools history, but others have argued he is something else entirely, an otherworldly being caught in this plane. Reguardless of the theories, he first appeared in the school fifty years after ir's opening, and has remained ever since.

Position: Hard to tell, seeing as he's a specter and all.
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Profile: The Black Man
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