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 Dorm Assignments!

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Dorm Assignments! Empty
PostSubject: Dorm Assignments!   Dorm Assignments! EmptySun May 24, 2009 10:00 pm

Dorm Assignments are in!
Please check your char intros and then the dorm's resident roster to make sure that everything's correct.

Reply to this post with your character's name if:
    1. you need an assignment
    2. your assignments don't match (char/roster)

Earth Dorms Roster
  • upperclassmen (upstairs): Edward James (Ansuz Wing)
  • lowerclassmen (downstairs): Ash (Ansuz Wing), Kain (Raido Wing)
  • staff: Professor Vii

Fire Dorms Roster

Water Dorms Roster

Wind Dorms Roster
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Dorm Assignments!
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