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 Wind-Dorm Round-Up

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PostSubject: Wind-Dorm Round-Up   Wind-Dorm Round-Up EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 9:45 pm

Leaving the Grounds, Professor C entered the Dining Hall and headed towards the Assistant Principal to get the scolding out of the way and learn who his new students were.

He warned his superior of the storm, wanting to get his students settled in quickly lest he be needed elsewhere later that night. He also spent some time finding and speaking to his fellow Wind Dorm staff members so they would know to split up his normal first-day Orientation duties the following morning if he needed them.

It was unlikely, but Cheshire had learned that it was best to plan for the very worst. He liked running Orientation, but he couldn't quite convince himself that the storm was no threat and he'd long ago learned to pay attention to his instincts.
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Wind-Dorm Round-Up
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