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 Yet Another Entrance

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PostSubject: Yet Another Entrance   Yet Another Entrance EmptyTue May 05, 2009 10:46 am

Caden Samuel Thompson stepped up to the entrance to the school's main building, staring in awe of how huge it was. He didn't know exactly how one was expected to act in such an elegant looking school and so stayed quietly with the group of incoming students. The scarred man in the entrance hall made had him jumping back in shock and surprise and and avoiding eye contact as he signed his name down. He knew this place would be... different from other schools, but the people around him were all so unique. Many were rather good looking,but... he shook his head, he didn't need to hide here, he knew. It didn't stop him, he knew he didn't have a chance with these kinds. He was feeling rather insignificant and plain with his chin length blond hair, light skin and his wide blue eyes. His simple attire of black pants and a blue button up left untucked seemed highly underdressed in contrast to the school. This was a private university, did they have any strict dress code? He glanced around at the other new students, it didn't seem so. Breathing a small sigh of relief, he stepped forward with the crowd when they were led to the next room.

He moved through the doors leading into a large Dining Hall. His eyes widened as he noted just how many people this place could hold. He'd known there were many new students and had expected many more considering it was a university, but... "Wow." He whispered to himself as he gazed around the room, frozen in place. It was the most elegant thing he'd ever seen. This whole school was beautifully built, but this was where everyone ate? It was practically a palace compared to the places he'd lived in his entire life. He jumped as a student bumped past him toward the table that the scarred man stood near. Instantly, Caden bowed and uttered a quiet apology to the other student, regardless of the fact that he had already moved on without a word. Shrugging it off, Caden stepped forward and examined the fruits they were to choose from. They all looked good, but there didn't seem to be a lot at this table. Other tables were much better stocked with a manner of foods and the students in the hall seemed to be enjoying themselves for the most part, both old and new. He didn't even know what he could do with his abilities, what he wanted most was for them to disappear, so he could return to hiding in the background, so his family wasn't ashamed that he wasn't normal. But then... he shrugged the thoughts off and stepped toward he table set with a selection of three fruits that the scarred man had indicated by now a few had already chosen theirs and headed off in different directions to seat themselves.

His eyes dragged over the the selection. Cherries, peaches and oranges. They were all very good and looked nicely ripe, but some part of him told him to reach for the orange. Somedays the voice in his head called a conscious or instinct gave him good advice. Nodding to himself, he wordlessly reached for the pile of oranges and took one, being careful not to knock the rest over and found himself a table with only a few people at it. He didn't want to sit by himself, and yet, he also didn't want to force himself into a group.

"New here?" a voice asked, and a body slid into the spot across from him. Caden glanced up, the young man was lounging comfortably in his chair. His black hair fell straight past his shoulders and one of his eyes was gold, the other fogged over gray. Was he blind in that eye? It'd certainly make sense. "Hello?" The guy asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"Oh... uhm... yes." Caden sputtered, "Yes, I'm new. Ah... uhm... I'm Caden Thompson." The guy nodded, looking him over seriously for a moment, then he grinned widely. The smile fit his face, lighting his features. Caden only bliked at him.

"Welcome to Northwood, Caden. You look like you'll fit right in here, so don't worry too much. I'm Corin, by the way. Corin Boussard." The guy said, his voice betraying just the slightest accent. Something European, maybe. Mentally shrugging Caden nodded and turned his gaze back to his orange.

"I... ah... thanks. It's... nice to meet you, Corin."

"Nice to meet you too, Cade. Listen, I gotta go, but I'll keep an eye out for you, alright? Later!" With that, the guy left Caden with his orange. He moved quickly, probably too quickly to lack the use of one eye.
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PostSubject: Re: Yet Another Entrance   Yet Another Entrance EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:42 am

"You should head to the dorms now." A short-ish woman of tiny stature, only 4' 3", her curls and bright gold eyes made her look impish and much younger than she probably was. "It's time the Dining hall to break up, and this is yours." She said, handing him a blue tile, "Follow them." She pointed to the group of water dorm students, "You best hurry, if you don't want to be left behind." She said cheerfully, "I'll see you in class!" Her curls whipped behind her as she turned on her heel and darted off, vanishing into the groups of students and teachers.
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Yet Another Entrance
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