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 First Steps

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A Little Sinful

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PostSubject: First Steps   First Steps EmptySat May 02, 2009 9:55 pm

Dining Hall

Kain had his mouth half open to reply to Julien when he was interrupted. Proffessor Dacon looked like something he was more used to, which made her stand out all the more to him. As he followed, he kept his eyes downcast but they still saw all. He had noticed a small commotion between another young student and a fearsome looking proffessor. At least he assumed it had been a professor. With the mask that covered half of his face and his imperious manner, even cautious Kain would have pegged him for someone with importance. He had taken note of the exchanged and personally, he felt sorry for the orange.

Eyeing the sack, not with fear but something like curiosity, he put is hand inside. Though the sack had rattled, there was only one tile within. Kain frowned as his hand closed over it. Pulling it free, he saw the rune etched on one side. He did not know what it meant, but he could recognise it for what it was. Bowing his head, he headed away from the professor in the direction indicated, already forgetting about Julien.

It was not long before he realised that the shapeshifter was behind him, some way yet, but Kain did not slow or allow himself to be caught up. He wanted just a little time for himself alone before getting to his dorm. He frowned at the last thought, he had become quite selfish in the last year, hadn't he?

Sighing, he followed no particular path. It wasn't a straight heading, he just meandered around in the halls, knowing that his dorm was in the direction he was headed in. He didn't know how, but he knew enough about magic that he trusted the inner pull that called him towards the Fire Dorm.

Fire Dorms

Though it was indeed impressive when he first glimpsed it, Kain did not apparently note the beauty of his surroundings. Rather, he noted how the foundations had been laid, what exits there were, where the numerous paths led and the possible routes to the same destinations. He wandered, mapping out as much as he could, not pausing to see the beauty that enveloped him. He was not immune to it, but it had become a habit to know his surroundinds. Never for escape, never that, but for a fast way to get to somewhere, or to know where he was going. He had moved a lot since his turning and he had learned to adapt to his surroundings on the first day - it was all that his Master had graced him with.

That too had been a hard lesson.

Kain grimaced, it seemed everything in his life had been hard. But for the life of him, he couldn't figure out why. It all came so naturally to him now. It was hard to remember just how helpless and afraid he had once been. "I am a willow in the wind..." he murmured to himself, startling even himself with his voice. Though it was soft, it carried on the wind and a couple of studends who had been casually strolling through the grounds at least 100 meters in front of him jumped and looked around nervously. Kain blinked... another manifestation of what he was really capable of. His Master had never told him he could stretch his voice so far. There had been a lot his Master had not told him.

No! Not his Master. Not any longer. That was behind him, he was behind him now. Kain did not feel silly looking over his shoulder at the moment. He still hadn't gotten used to the idea of his freedom. It was simply... foreign.

Pausing for a moment, Kain found himself at the front doors, thrown open wide for the the first day. The interior reminded him of something vaguely oriental in design, open and spacious, but private if need be. He had always admired the orient of the old days. They had know what was what - and they had protected their own quite fiercely. There architecture was something to be marvelled at, functional yet unassummingly beautiful at the same instant.

He wandered through, this was a part of the dorm he had not yet explored. Because he had allowed himself time to aquaint himself with the grounds, he was considerably later in coming than Julien had been. Of the shapeshifter, Kain saw nothing, though his scent still wafted delicately in the air. Kain found himself breathing deeply.

As he approached the door number on his tile, Kain paused. He wondered idly if he would be alone or not. He did not sense a presence on the other side, but that did not always mean anything. Pushing open the door, his eyes already downcast, just in case, he walked into a room that was empty, though split into two small rooms. Obviously he was meant to have a roommate.

Kain had not been told what to do further than this, but instead of being at a loss, he simply went to one of the beds, the one closest to the door and sat, awaiting what would come next.
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Dark Lord of Sin

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PostSubject: Re: First Steps   First Steps EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 4:49 am

The other would meet his roommate, an agreeable young man, but he was fairly quiet, shy, and didn't talk much before he pulled down his covers and vanished beneath him, either already incredibly homesick, or tired enough that he didn't much want to talk.

Not long after that, the head of Fire dorm peered his head in and told the other to head to bed quietly, please and thank you, before the door slid shut with a snick and the lights went out about a half hour afterwards.

~End of Day 1~
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First Steps
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