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 Edward James

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PostSubject: Edward James   Edward James EmptyWed Apr 29, 2009 8:30 pm

Name: Edward James

Age: 29

Year: Upperclassman, 7th year

Dorm: Earth: Ansuz Wing, Room 230

What: Incubus

Physical: Tall and fairly normal looking in his humanistic shape, slightly slanted brown eyes, not enough to look asian, but maybe vaguely fey, chocolate colored irises with hints of dark forest green. Dark brown hair, again hints of green seem to be present in his hair that falls about his shoulders and slightly past. He has a plain sort of face, with slightly sharpened eyeteeth, his ears are vaguely pointed, just this side of less-round and he has long, well cared for fingernails. In his other form, one that doesn't emerge unless he feeds (or if he's cornered and feels threatened), or he's showing off, he grows a bit taller and for all intents and purposes, he looks ethereally demonic, ribbed spiral horns looking like dark green crystal, his skin becomes faintly green and is bright, almost luminous. He has a set of thick leathery wings, brown and green mottled and a thin, spaded tail that is very much resembles the human perspective of the devil's, (however, he does not carry a pitchfork and go around stabbing people with it, except for one halloween two years ago). He gives off a wash of powerful pheromones that more or less puts the people who ingest it (scent, taste, etc) into a state of intense arousal, easier to draw his prey to him that way, also it helps keep him safe in emergencies(why would you want to kill him if you're attracted to him?), though he can keep a rein on it if he needs to.

Personality: Considered to be a great slut, he's extremely promiscuous, but it's how he gets sustenance and feeds. He doesn't mean to be a slut, but he generally gets permission from his 'prey' (there's been debate on that and he's gotten in trouble once or twice about the pheromones, releasing them too early, blah, blah)and for the most part he's pretty congenial as it goes, he's easy-going, and polite. He has a quick mind though and generally he's a studious sort, he enjoys books, and has great respect for the library (it having been one of the few places he has not 'defiled') and the undeclared 'ruler' of said library. He studies primarily supernatural biology, and works hard to complete his schooling, aspiring to become a doctor of some sort for the supernat community.

Bio: He comes from a well-to-do family, Incubi, being a primarily male race, the males are able to carry as well as females, though it's fairly rare. Incubi are born in eggs, similar to a bird, though it's a rather large egg, taken care of by the 'mother' or the one who carried the egg, and this was how Edward was born, hatched to two fathers. He grew up quickly, learning the basic spells to keep his appearance hidden and his 'urges' in check, young incubi from an early age learn about their bodies and sex, very different from humans and human raised people. He tried public schools for a little while, but he'd mysteriously disappear if there were school check-ups going on (can't have the humans finding out he doesn't have a stomach!). After being discovered in the boys bathroom in eighth grade doing naughty things with a classmate, he was pulled and was tutored for the rest of his high school career, then he was sent to Northwood for the past several years.

He was inspired to become a doctor because, watching people in the outside world, he's seen more than a few people hurt themselves and it's caused him to wonder what the magical community did for the more severe injuries and what-not. Certainly they had healers, but what happened if the healers couldn't heal all? It inspired him so he decided he would become a doctor to heal those that magic couldn't fix. He's been studying hard since the start of his college career so he can be one of the few doctors the magical community harbors, despite his hustler's reputation.

Position: Either/or, he's very well attuned to the sexual desires/fetishes/needs of anyone he comes across and if he has skin to skin contact with another he can tell immediately what their deepest sexual urges are, though it's up to him on whether or not he allows the other to act upon them.
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Edward James
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