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 Announcement!! (finally)

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Dark Lord of Sin

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Announcement!! (finally) Empty
PostSubject: Announcement!! (finally)   Announcement!! (finally) EmptySun Apr 26, 2009 11:46 pm

Okay, I've been lax, and I'm sorry guys, I meant to have this up three, four days ago, but I just had orientation for University this weekend, I'm moving this summer two hours away from home so it was important, and finals coming up (no excuse, I know, I know) anyways, I want to say that as soon as everyone is settled in the dorms the day will switch over into the 'tomorrow' as it were. As soon as the tomorrow starts schedules will be handed out, and a brief tour is planned, so we have an opportunity to mingle and mix our characters.

As to the University, it in and of itself is fairly large, it holds normal classes (science, math, art, language, etc.) with some additions (magic classes, magic creature classes, etc) so the school itself I think will be a bit more broken up than I originally planned, so I'll see if I can get something vaguely scribbled up and maybe refine it at school or something so I can try to post it so you have more reference as to where what is and how it goes.

Next, I would like to announce, I'm going to have another account created that is an Admin Account, but it'll be one that more than one person has a password to, so certain people can make corrections and adjustments as necessary ((i.e. Dark, seeing as she has kindly put together much of the stuff on the site, to which I'm eternally grateful for)) and whomever else I feel should have tmp Admin powers, but the password will be changed periodically, so no one can go in willy-nilly and screw things up.

Also... *thinks* I should have more free time to devote to the site soon, school's over in three weeks \o/ so no worries guys, I haven't forgotten about all of you.

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Sinfully Delicious

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Announcement!! (finally) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Announcement!! (finally)   Announcement!! (finally) EmptyMon Apr 27, 2009 5:40 am

Wow, Orientation already? I suppose at least it's out of the way, right? tongue

I have four weeks til summer. It's a busy time of year!

Wow, the little school must be much bigger than I thought. Suppose it makes sense, though.
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Announcement!! (finally)
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