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 Othala Wing, Hut #1 (Cheshire's room)

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Othala Wing, Hut #1 (Cheshire's room) Empty
PostSubject: Othala Wing, Hut #1 (Cheshire's room)   Othala Wing, Hut #1 (Cheshire's room) EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 9:33 pm

This is the room for Professor C, the staff member assigned to oversee activities on and around the Wind Dorms and the Little Windy Hill.

The handful of staff huts each have two rooms (plus bathroom). The main room doubles as an office and meeting space to save the staff member from trekking all the way to Main Campus to meet with students.

Cheshire has decorated his main room with a simple desk in the corner, over-flowing with paperwork held down by strange objects serving as paperweights. He also has a laptop that connects to the school's network and the computer in his office in the admin building. Nearby is a low couch along one wall, a cabinet that serves as a pantry, and a coat rack stands by the door by a rubber mat. Shoes are not welcome inside.

Symbols of his Hopi ancestry hang from the walls, and none of the windows have glass or shutters, making the interior rather chilly; however, spells keep those on the outside from seeing inside. The floors are mostly bare, covered with braided rugs from home.

A fireplace burns in the center of the room, ringed with rocks like an outdoor campfire, and a hearty pot hangs upon a tripod above the coals. Cushions ring the fire and here is where the professor chooses to speak with his students, over tea and relaxing by the fire.

A multi-colored, hand-woven blanket serves as a door into the bedroom, a simple room with a double bed and feather mattress. A cupboard in one wall serves as a closet and dresser in one, a chest at the foot of the bed and a single, bowed bookshelf are the only other objects. Here also the windows are bare and open, with the same protections as the main room. An open doorway leads to a plain, stone-tile bathroom, with shower stall, toilet, and sink.

Crystals light all of the rooms, and a warm, orange glow indicates that Cheshire is home and open for visitors.
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Othala Wing, Hut #1 (Cheshire's room)
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