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 the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar

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the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar Empty
PostSubject: the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar   the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 8:55 pm

The terrace one-down from the top level opens into a hangar built into the hillside like a great cave. Within the hangar are rows and rows of hang-gliders, of every size and shape imaginable hung on individual racks for ready use.

With these, the students can easily float down to the central portion of campus, or even into town. The gliders collapse quickly such that their owners might carry them around unobtrusively.

the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar Hang-glider-lake-mountains-bdr

The school gliders are smaller than those commercially available and over the years the hours spent infusing them with spells have created different personalities amongst the gliders. Some might even be considered sentient.

The spells ensure that no one will ever fall off their glider, regardless of their shenanigans, and the air currents around the school are well-practiced in cushioning emergency landings.

All students who wish to use the gliders must first take a basic hang-gliding course, which is a required first-term course for new residents of the Wind Dorms. The instructors assign hang-gliders to each student who passes the course, based on personality as much as skill, to be sure that glider and student are compatible.

At the beginning of each year, all returning students are assessed for skill and may be re-assigned a glider based on availability and need. Re-assignment may of course be requested by the student at any time; however, gliders will only obey the person to whom they are assigned. Re-assignment can sometimes be a lengthy process if the glider proves stubborn (or vice versa if the glider doesn't like who its assigned to). One of the few things that is instant grounds for expulsion is using someone else's glider.
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the Little Windy Hill -- Hangar
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