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 Instruction Manual

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Dark Lord of Sin

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PostSubject: Instruction Manual   Instruction Manual EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 5:58 pm

This is where character bios are posted. I expect a decent, plentiful, good description of whomever you're playing that include the following:

Name: (Absolutely required, duh.)

Age:(How old are you again?)

Year: (Junior, Freshie)

Dorm:(You can't put this until after you've been assigned)

What: (What magical brand of magical being be you? Vampire, demon, shifter, etc?)

Physical:(No, you cannot put a picture here, you actually have to put the time, effort, and thought into creating what your character looks like. You may put a picture as an addition but if I see a pic with no words, you're toasted.)

Personality:(Do they like puppies? Or just kicking them? Or many personalities that involve kicking, said puppy, then some manner of hysterics and profuse apologies?)

Bio:(Who are you? Where do you come from? Transfer student or perhaps a newbie? Were you raised to bite people who like blue?)

Position:(Top, bottom, or somewhere inbetween a squishy sammich?)

If you start posting without one of these *points up* I will fry you. Not nicely either. I will take you off the RP and make you write a bio. Rawr. Then after this, I require a sample of your mad skills, and you need to write me a mock-up post, including this character, proving to me (and the other's on the board) you are worthy of posting in this sacred and holy place. And if not, see above, frying and blah, blah, blah. Rawr. Kapiche?
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Sinfully Delicious

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PostSubject: Re: Instruction Manual   Instruction Manual EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 8:01 pm

We should sticky the Char List and include in the instructions (above) that folks should respond to that thread so we remember to add new chars to the master list.
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Instruction Manual
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