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 Corin Boussard

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Name: Corin Boussard

Age: 224 (turned at 26)

Year: Senior

Dorm: Wind Dorm; Hut 22; Othala Wing

What: Nosferatu Vampire - As a Nosferatu he can create a feeling of suffocation on a sleeping mortal. He is very powerful... well as far as physical strength goes. The only other ability he has is to sense and trace the source of certain spells. He himself cannot cast any spells and, as most vampires, he vunerable to fire and staking. He also has a weakness for pretty young men.

Physical: Corin stands at approximately 6'2 and carries his slim body tall and proud. His hair falls straight and about to his shoulders. It is a unique color that one could call Raven's Wing black, meaning that it is black, but shines in hues of blue, green and purple in the proper lighting. His eyes, though are perhaps his most striking feature. The right shines gold and the left is grey and clouded. He seems to be blind in that eye. As a human, he was, but now, as a vampire, he sees quite well through it, though it is limited to normal human sight.

Personality: Corin is confident and flirtatious before anything else. He knows what he wants and rarely hesitates to get it. His antics may get him into trouble at times, but normally he manages to charm his way out of trouble. Having always gotten what he wanted, he's rather used to it now and that can make him out to be some sort of selfish snob. When he decides he truly cares about someone as a friend or more than. He is fiercely protective and very generous.

Bio: Corin was born of a wealthy family in the late 1700's France, he was he first and only child and a miracle baby. His parents had been convinced that they could not have children, there is the possibility that his father is not really his father, as his parents were hardly known for their faithfulness to eachother. There was not a care in the world for him as he grew up. His education was of the highest quality available and his possessions were always at the peak of technology of the time. In short, he was spoiled.

Because of that he grew up getting what he wanted and that included men and women. He was never punished for his obviously immoral behavior; people feared loosing connections to his family too much and his parents doted on him. The only thing that anyone seemed concerned about was that he was born blind in one eye. Some believed that it was the direct result of some of his parents’ sins others believed it was because God knew what sort of immoral activities he would practice as he grew. At around the age of 23, he settled down and married, at the insistence of his father. His wife never did have children. Three years into their marriage, after a botched hunting trip, he fell ill... deathly ill and once recovered, he was no longer human. As soon as his wife realized this she ran to her father who immediately organized a hunting party and accused him of ruining his daughter. He turned out everything Corin had ever done wrong, though he'd settled entirely once he married. The townspeople set out to kill him and the church formally annulled the marriage, just before the people attacked. Having been surprised, Corin fought back and killed his attackers, in his rage, he killed them all and feasted on their blood.

After that, he left, there was nothing left for him in France. Nothing at all. He became a nomad of sorts, traveling all over Europe, getting by with little modeling jobs and sexual favors. It paid well, though he soon discovered how to get more money from modeling and that became his sole source of income over time. Unfortunately, over time, it also became increasingly difficult to find jobs where someone in the business didn’t find him remarkably similar to so-and-so’s painting. Modeling wouldn’t support him forever, especially since photographs had become prominent. So on more of a whim than anything else, heard snippets from others like him, that there was a university, Northwood that catered to those not-quite-human. And on more of a whim than anything else, he made his way there to attend and has been for many fun-filled years.

Position: Typically top, but he could be convinced…
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Corin Boussard
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