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 Profile: Michael York

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PostSubject: Profile: Michael York   Profile: Michael York EmptyWed Apr 08, 2009 2:23 am

Name: Michael York

Age: over 800 years

Year: Senior resident of 10+ years, library attendant, sometimes teacher

Dorm: Fire; Dagaz Wing; Room; Room 115

What: Vampire

Physical: He is a man of medium heigh, perhaps just a touch under 6', though he used to be shorter once in his life. As time went on, his body adapted to those around him, becoming slightly taller as the years went in to fit in more with society around him. He has mahogany hair that, if releaed, would fall in waves down his back, perhaps just half way down, though most of the time it is tied back in a neat band to keep it out of his face. His eyes are hazel, having different colours within them, and depending on his emotions, these colours will become more or less dominant giving the impression that they change colour entirely. His body is slender but with lean muscle and semi-broad shoulders. He dresses immaculately, though his clothing is often quite simliar in style, usually semi formal. His skin is very pale, sometimes looking dull white or grey, other times looking almost luminescent or backlit in its beauty. Most of the time it is merely pale.

Personality: He is a strange one in terms of personality. He can sometimes be quiet, introverted, focused, while other times he can be intence, firey, humerous, but also have flashes of anger so hot it sends shivers of fear into all in the vicinity. He can be seen as unpredictable but for the most part benign unless something angers him. This is mainly because he really cares very little for those he sees around the school. He puts up with their presences rather than enjoys them most of the time, and will largely ignore them unless directly spoken to, or he finds something he dislikes.

Most consider him to be as aloof as the teachers, if not more so, while others, especially in the fire dorm, may get the warmer more light hearted side of him once in a while. He also likes intellectual conversations, or debates on things he has read or something he is learning. None can really ignore his heritage though, as it shines through in the way his emotions can drop away in an instant, from laughing and bantering to something cold and deadly in his eyes. Being around Michael is an aquired taste, but some find it interesting, a challenge, or even pleasant if they get around his inhuman behaviour.

Bio: He came to the school over 10 years ago, enrolling himself as a student, having found the place on his own. He just turned up on the day and signed his name. Of course he cannot take many of the classes, or not in their usual hours, being daylight. Although he can move around in the day, most classes are in rooms with windows and it hurts his skin and eyes terribly, not to mention the lethargy in the middle of the day. He goes to some classes when they interest him, not bothering with others. He seems to be uninterested in gaining an actual qualification, and more interested in the library. It is, after all, why he came here. He is in it so often that he ended up taking the post of library attendant, quite possibly paid. There is a librarian.. but she is a meek little thing and for the most part just helps the students. He is the one that guards the books and maintains order.

The library is vast, and he spends most of his time there, reading over the thousands of books. He is vastly protective of them. Students learn very early on never to mess about in the library, or disturb him consistantly while he is busy, be late returning books, or taking books that arn't allowed out the library. Tales are still told of those that didn't heed the warning signs, didn't take his threat seriously and ended up being sent home with the mental capacity of a rather thick vegetable, another one plagued by nightmares and hallucinations surrounding the library, though whether these were merely placed there, or memories of things tha had happened is unsure. No trouble in the library has happened since that incident, especially since the student is still around, trying to finish his course there, a constant reminder to others, for if the student sees the library attendant look at him a certain way, he does have the propensity for either wetting himself or end up in the medical ward babbling in terror. However this is the very extreme, and has only happened a couple of times, generally near the beginning of a new year when the warning to others would be seen.

It isn't known why the teachers put up with him after those incidents, however the fact he is still here, and still working in the library perhaps shows that he has something to offer the school, or perhaps they have no real way of getting rid of him safely. Still, they seem to appreciate what knowlege he does have, for once in a while when circumstances demand it and they have something to offer him in return, he will take himself out of his usual routine and teach a class. Some of the classes he has done in the past were History, Religion, bookkeeping, archiving, and some other more magical classes in some aspects of darker magic, wards and glyphs, runes, farseeing and more. He is known for being quite a good teacher, his classes always behave, and always hand their homework in on time.

He could easilly have become a teacher here, for his aqired knowlege is vast, however he cares little for teaching, mainly because he cares little for the other students. He seems to view them, not as cattle as such, but more just minor annoyances he has to put up with or ignore to continue to get what he wants from the school. In some ways he might be seen as looking down his nose at them, but in truth, he just views most as not worth his time.

He will also, very rarely, be asked to take on a tutoring role for a student who is either not working hard enough at his studies, or is struggling with his classes. Again though, only some manner of bribe or trade will get him to take these on as they generally bore him. He does once in a while find a student or couple of students he finds interest in, perhaps for his own amusement, or because they are actually interesting to him. To these he is far more animated and lively, but often he may lose interest, leaving them bereft of this attention that likely feels glorious in its attentiveness. He has a natural charisma when he wishes.

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Profile: Michael York
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