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 The Laughing Hyena

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PostSubject: The Laughing Hyena   The Laughing Hyena EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 4:01 pm

Kaeth Longclaw was sitting, sipping something alcoholic, he wasn't exactly sure, but it had sent a pleasant buzz through his body and his ears lay back against his head as he took a breath of the smoky air. Various sweetly smelling smoke and vapors wisped around him as he sat, relaxing in the bar. His gaze, however was drawn to a ruckus not too far off, where several big guys surrounded a small, frail-looking female. He arched a brow as the boys jeered and catcalled for her. Her skirt was dangerously short, and her heels were ridiculously high. Her long hair came down in a cascade of loose curls that was appealing to many of the humanoid type aliens.

These big men surrounding her weren't exactly attractive by Kaeth's standards either. A big four armed beast, with a massive gut and more chins than he had limbs, stood closest to her, his blue skin gleaming slightly in the poor lighting. Another, a great hairy thing, with tusks and a pig snout leaned heavily on his fore arms that allowed him to walk similar to an Earthian gorilla. A third, who looked like a force to be reckoned with, broad shoulders and rippling with muscle, antennae rose from the edge of his eyes, long claws on thick hands and a unibrow went over his forehead, this one tried to sneak a hand up the small woman's skirt and she whirled, knocking it away with a playful grin.

Kaeth frowned, anyone in their right mind wouldn't tangle with these boys... what was she playing? She led them along to the bar, they followed like slobbering monkeys as she bent over to decide her drink, tapping a few keys before she righted, the brief glance the boys had gotten beneath her was enough to make them drool even more and Kaeth frowned, a warning bell going off in his head and he shifted sitting up higher as the lady turned to her bastardized suitors and made a show of looking them over before her eyes flitted past them for a moment and settled on him. He tilted his head, one ear going up, the other down as his tail flicked, there was something in those eyes that unnerved him before she smirked and sauntered over, the three gorilla boys made a look of protest and the big guy with fluttering eyes laid a hand on her shoulder.

Instantly she changed, her eyes narrowing and she reached for the man's hand, her nails turning into claws as she whirled on him and clawed him across his face, "Don't you touch me!" She hissed, snarling and bristling as the other two of the Gorilla squad reared back in shock, grunting and growling as the scratched one blinked stupidly, bleeding green over his eyes. He roared, his hands clenching as he swung at the girl and he reared up, swinging at her.

She ducked expertly and Kaeth stood, hurrying over to her to help her, but she growled at him, and he backed up. She reached up her skirt, and whipped out a gun that he had no idea how she managed to hide it, it was so big. He blinked, confused as she levelled it at the one who seemed to be in charge, "I told you no touching, and I meant it, poppet, now if you don't want to see your brains spattered all over the pavement, I suggest you back away. Slowly." She said, before hissing and the Gorilla Squad bundled off. She chuckled quietly, putting up the gun before turning to Kaeth, "Now, as for you sweetie." She said, looking him over a bit hungrily, "I'd love to take you for a tussle, but I'm here for someone. Mm-m-mm, such a pity. Maybe you can help though? I'm looking for the fellow who put out this." She raised her wrist and her holo-projector put up a flyer. It was his.

"That's mine, miss." He said.

She gave him a look through the holograph, turning it off, and grinned, "You're Longclaw?" She asked, "Good." She grinned when he nodded, "And, by the way, it's 'mister'." She said, having a seat across from him as a waiter came to drop her drink.

"Beg pardon?" He said, suddenly very confused, his eyes and nose said 'female' but this one said 'male'. He gulped, very confused by this whirlwind of a creature.

"I'm a boy, I can flash you, if that'll make you feel better?" He offered before he stuck his hand across the table. "Abraxas." He said, "You can call me Abrax."

"Hello Abrax." He said, taking the proffered hand and they shook, the other had a surprisingly strong grip and he blinked slowly, nodding, "What can I do for you?" He asked.

"Take me on. I have a killer instinct and know more about guns than you ever will."

"Weapons." He said, looking the other over, before he nodded, "I'll have to see what you can do." He said, and Abraxas grinned.

"Sure thing, wanna go now?" He asked.

Kaeth nodded, and stood, letting Abrax lead the way as Abrax hopped on a hover bike (a fair nice one too, Kaeth was jealous), waiting for Kaeth to hop onto the buggy that came with his ship, following behind to a long stretch of desert, where Abrax dismounted his bike and he leaned on the handlebars to the buggy, gesturing for the other to go on.

Abrax grinned at the other and pulled out a large (very large!) gun from his back and pointed to a desert plant in the distance, and Kaeth nodded as Abrax went down on one knee, lined up his shot in a heartbeat and with a single shot the plant disappeared. He arched a brow, impressive. Abraxas bounced back to the other, grinning broadly, "I'm good with a gun, a crossbow, and about a hundred different other weapons. And if you're lucky, you'll get see me in action." He said impishly, "So, where's your ride sugar?" He asked, bringing the bike around next to the buggy.

"This way." He said, turning the buggy around, and riding it back to the Hangar, as Abrax followed beside him.


When they arrived Abraxus burst out laughing, "This thing? Really? Wow, you're braver than I thought." He dismounted the bike and hurried over to the ship, "Wow!" He looked like a kid in the candy shop, his hands running over this and that, "Those gunner mounts really shouldn't be there." He said, chuckling a little, and moving his hands over the ship that he could reach, "And this flies." He said disbelievingly.

"Yes." Kaeth said patiently, sighing, riding the buggy up the ramp and into the cabin. He parked and locked up the buggy, "Let me give you the grand tour." he said, gesturing.

"No, it's okay, I've been on a ship like this before. It's a good flyer, but... this is the worst shape I've ever seen one in, supposed to be a supply ship, though it's not uncommon as a skiff or a wave rider. Occasionally I've seen em in races, and once or twice to win, but they get great traffic from the military, like em as spies, but, smugglers love em. Because there are all sorts of compartments that can be made, added, or fiddled with." He said, "Nice bit. But this looks like shit." He said, shaking his head, amused. "You sure it flies?" He asked disbelievingly. "Damn." He shook his head again and came inside, his hand slamming on the red button that lifted the ramp before stepping inside to give himself a tour.
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PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena   The Laughing Hyena EmptyWed Dec 30, 2009 1:07 am

Dirty blond hair fell into the human's face as he waited quietly, watching scenes unfold and creatures of all shapes and sizes make fools of themselves and drink. He supposed it was only suitable for one with shady intentions to choose to blend in with others of his kind, but Thomas couldn't help but feel as though he wasn't quite accepted here. Full blooded human that he was, he stood out worse than the creature in the corner that looked like a sore thumb. A giant, red thumb with multiple arms and legs (of course with all the manner of creatures that frequented this place, it was no small wonder that such a being was there). He'd never had the displeasure of meeting one of those and he didn't intend to do so anytime son, so he averted his gaze, choosing instead to scan his surroundings again. They were supposed to meet here, correct?

It was around this time that a fight broke out. Which resulted in a female pulling guns on her opponents. She was rather attractive and held his interest long enough for him to see her chatting with a man who had stood to help her. Though the flyer was the clencher, he recognized it even from the fair distance between himself and the pair. That was no ordinary woman, she was signing up to be on that ship as well. What surprised him even more was that after a brief back and forth, the two left together.

Fixing the collar of his shirt, so none of his markings showed, he dropped some change on his table and stood to head out after them. It wasn’t stalking, really. The man he needed to speak to was leaving and so he was following along. What he failed to notice was that one of the beasts in the bar caught a glimpse of the slave markings while he fixed his collar.

“Slave.” He heard the growl behind him and tried to remain casual about continuing. “Hey human, I’m talking to you!” The creature stumbled up to follow him and Thomas cursed his luck, he’d have to loose this jerk first. The creature caught his arm and Thomas shot him a look. Fortunately, it seemed as though no one else had noticed. That was a good thing. “Where’re you headed without your master, boy?” The beast reeked of whatever vile substance he’d drinking and the whisper only directed the smell into the former slave’s face.

“I believe you are mistaken. I have no master and intend for it to stay that way.” He may not be able to read, but at least he could sound intelligent while speaking. For the most part, anyway. The two he’d been after were probably already gone by now… they were probably heading for the ship, he could probably catch them at the hangar, if he was able to get rid of this creep quickly. He jerked his arm away from the creature and ducked out quickly, jumping onto the bike he’d acquired to get him to the bar and taking off, before the thing after had any thoughts of taking possession of him. Days like this were what made him hate being human. If he’d been half-breed, it wouldn’t be automatically assumed that he was a slave every stinkin’ day.

He took a long route, weaving in and out of traffic, meaning to loose anyone who might have been tempted to follow. He’d heard hollering and shouting, but had blocked it out and focused instead on the roar of the bike between his legs. He found it to be a soothing sound, really. Pausing at a corner, he glanced behind him and blew a breath of relief when he saw no sign of pursuers. The beast had been as stupid as he’d thought.

“Now, to get to the hangar before those two.” He wouldn’t be able to pick out the ship if he didn’t see the two he’d meant to follow, but he didn’t want to be stuck here for god knows how long, waiting for another opportunity like this to pop up. It was one of those rare things that you didn’t pass up, not if you wanted freedom as much as Thomas did.

So he turned his bike around and took the quickest route he could figure to the hangar area. It wasn’t a huge town, so it wasn’t difficult to get around, but still by the time he got there, he could just see the pair he needed to speak with headed onto a hunk o’ junk called a ship. It definitely needed work. Some of it, he could probably do, but they’d need someone more mechanically inclined to make her really run.

“OI!!!” He called, as the ramp lifted to close. Dammit, he’d missed them, but with any luck they weren’t leaving. And, Thomas did seem to be having some sort of luck lately, so he parked himself nearby and waited.
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