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 Wind Dorm's Tour: the Rec Room

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Wind Dorm's Tour:  the Rec Room Empty
PostSubject: Wind Dorm's Tour: the Rec Room   Wind Dorm's Tour:  the Rec Room EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 7:23 pm


After leaving the library, Cheshire took his students around the main campus buildings and grounds, to include the lake, stables, gym, the dorms, and other areas, and concluded his tour at one of the most popular buildings on campus. Somewhere along the line they'd recovered Casey, and had waved to the other tour groups as they passed each other.

He stopped his students on the steps and gestured around him. "This is our last stop: Recreation Hall. More commonly referred to as the Rec Room, or the Wreck Room." He grinned. "I'll let you guys figure that out.

"Now, the Rec Room," he continued as he led them inside and they bunched up to look over the balcony at the main floor below, "belongs to everyone on campus, and there's room for anything you can imagine. The rooms change all the time, so what's there for you," he pointed to one student, "may not be there for you," he pointed to another, "or may be completely different from day to day.

"I'll leave you to explore. It's lunchtime now, so I may see some of you in the Dining Hall shortly. And remember! Classes start tomorrow, so if you have any doubts as to where your classes are, use those maps in your welcome packets and go find them. I'll see most -- if not all of you --in hang-gliding class. Don't be late!"
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Wind Dorm's Tour:  the Rec Room Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wind Dorm's Tour: the Rec Room   Wind Dorm's Tour:  the Rec Room EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 6:51 am

Casey would wobble from the library, slightly confused and join the tail end of a group of students passing by. He assumed that was where he was supposed to be, but he couldn't quite remember why he was supposed to be there. Or even if he was supposed to be there. Michael had certainly made an impression on the young man.

He wasn't aware of dragging his feet after the other students, or of the odd looks he kept getting because everyone else knew he wasn't supposed to be with them. But he kept going with the flow and watching Michael loom before him in his mind's eye. Of Jess there was no sign. For once, he was all alone, in his body - and he wasn't even aware of it enough to enjoy it.

As he absently waved his hand to follow the waving of other students, his eyes caught on bright blue hair and he blinked, remembering something at last. Finally, his brain began to work and his eyes began to see. He was in the wrong tour!

Keeping his head down, he hurriedly worked his way back to his own dorm tour that trailed after Professor Cheshire. No-one asked him anything and most of the students actually avoided looking at him. That was fine with him because he had just figured out that Jess wasn't around and poking at his brain. For once, he wanted to be by himself and just relax in his own body.

As the Professor left, he walked down a level and entered one of the rooms. It held plush sofas and soft carpet and was playing great music. He sank into a chair and sighed. He didn't even see if anyone followed him as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back to enjoy the feeling of freedom, for however long that he could.
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Wind Dorm's Tour: the Rec Room
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