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 Good Morning Fire Dorm!

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Good Morning Fire Dorm! Empty
PostSubject: Good Morning Fire Dorm!   Good Morning Fire Dorm! EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 12:39 am

Keegan sighed and stretched shaking the early morning fog from his head. He had to be up to wake the students in the Fire Dorm and make sure they made it to Orientation. Grumbling to himself, he stood and stumbled to the bathing room in his own room. The entire place was lit by a single candelabra that flared to life as he passed it. The rest of it was lavishly furnished with oranges and reds and golds and really anything he found appealing and suited his image of a fire dorm master. There was a beautifully made bed that he didn't sleep in, as he preferred the floor, a small sitting area with plush chairs settled around a fireplace in another corner. The rug in front of that fire was where he usually passed out.

There was only one thing that he disliked about teaching at this University, that was the fact that everything started in the morning and there was little to do but sleep late at night. As he reached the sink of his bathing room, he turned on the water and splashed his face. His bathroom was a huge contrast to the rich colors of the rest of his room, it had nothing more than what he needed to wash and groom himself. When he stepped from the room, he was much more awake and dressed.

Quickly, he made his way to the Fire Dorms and the students' quarters. Knocking on each occupied room, he would poke his head in and announce a lively, "Up at 'em boys! Report to the Dining Hall for Orientation when you're up."

((To Dining Hall))
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Good Morning Fire Dorm!
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