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Sins of the Flesh

Bring on the Men!
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 Professor Keegan Anders - Master of the Fire Dorms

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Professor Keegan Anders - Master of the Fire Dorms Empty
PostSubject: Professor Keegan Anders - Master of the Fire Dorms   Professor Keegan Anders - Master of the Fire Dorms EmptyWed Jul 15, 2009 11:35 pm

Name: Keegan Anders (taken name)

Age: at least six-hundred years old, if not older

Year: Fire Dorm Master, Instructor of Literature, & The Art of Illusion.

Dorm: Fire Dorm

What: Kitsune (shape-shifting fox)

Physical: When on the job, Keegan is typically seen in a human form that sports thick red waves down past his shoulders. His hazel green eyes shine with a love for life and occasionally mischief. He stands, slim (almost enough to be considered skinny) and pale, at about five feet and six inches. If one were to catch his reflection in running water, his ears and tails would be visible there, but only in the reflection. Around his neck is a chain that holds a small glowing white charm. It is his ball and he never takes the necklace off for fear of someone taking his ball.

In his form, he appears the average size and coloring of a red fox. His hazel eyes glimmer with the same joy that his human eyes do. His nine tails are all the russet red of a fox and are indicative of his age and power. The necklace remains around his neck even through his transformation.

Personality: He is a playful creature who loves to pull tricks on and seduce others. He smiles often and often is quite kind, as he is not about to tell someone. He does not like when people refuse to play along. In fact, such incidents may lead to the rare occasions that his smile disappears. If such a thing does happen, be sure to take note, because he is very likely to try something. He is a determined being, when he sets his eyes on a goal, he will work toward it regardless of initial failure; he will get back up and try again out of sheer stubbornness.

Bio: Keegan was born of the union of a human male and a kitsune mother. It was not a well-respected union as his mother fell in love with his father and gave up her immortality and power to be with him. She gave Keegan her powers shortly after he was born, as a result, he earned his tails at a younger age than most kitsune.

He was born with a small white ball, as a kit, it was the size of a child’s play thing, but as he aged and developed his power, it grew smaller and is now the charm that he wears as a necklace. It is also the item that Freshman of the Fire Dorm are typically dared to try to steal. None have succeeded, of course, but a few have gotten close enough that Keegan has lashed out.

He was not raised by his human father as he was born, not in the form of a human male, but as a fox. His abilities came to him more by accident than any real training. Although that is not to say that he did not learn tricks from other kitsune he came across in his later travels.

A curious creature by nature, he took his human form and traveled, discovering more about himself than the actual world around him. For instance he found that, like his mother, he was most attracted to human males. And that apparently, among some humans, two of the same gender enjoying pleasures of the body was the greatest of taboos. This, of course, only made chasing the men in those societies much more fun.

It was in one such society that he met a man who he could have fallen in love with. The man whose name he now bears at the University. He was certainly one to run at first, insisting that he had no interest whatsoever in his own gender. However, with a trick or two and a little convincing, he turned around. And boy did he turn around! Suddenly the human was chasing the fox around, always ready for their next engagement (not that Keegan had any complaints, of course).

These meetings became more and more frequent, bringing suspicious eyes upon them. One such pair caught them in the act. Some family member of his human’s attacked him in a rage. Loyalty to a liar: that was his human’s downfall. He took the blow and bled to death between the man he died for and the one who killed him. Keegan quickly dispatched of the killer. Creating a illusion that made the man believe he was attacking the man who ‘corrupted’ his cousin, while in reality, he stood quite still and was burned to ashes with the building around. Meanwhile, Keegan fled with his fallen lover and buried him safely away from his human home.

He took up traveling and training himself again after that. Taking a few lovers here and there to pass the time, but he has yet to find one as intriguing as his Keegan. Otherwise, his attitude toward life has not changed, as it is not in his nature to be gloomy.

It was many years into his second and most recent round of travels that he received an invitation to teach at Northwood University, an all boys’ school that provided safe education for all manner of creatures. Having traveled many places, he wanted somewhere to settle down and so he didn’t think twice about and made his way to the University to accept the job in person. It is there he has been teaching and living since. He still travels during the off-season, but is usually settled back in by the time students start arriving.

Position: He has tried both and would be willing to go either way for a desired partner.
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Professor Keegan Anders - Master of the Fire Dorms
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