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 Introduction to the Foyer

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Introduction to the Foyer Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to the Foyer   Introduction to the Foyer EmptyFri Jun 26, 2009 7:23 pm

What meets each new student on the first night:

Through the entrance door is a grand room, large enough to fit many students, the students are shuffled through and greeted by a severe looking man. Scars litter his face and a massive leather jacket sweeps his ankles, his blue eyes hold a very 'not impressed' look in them. His arms are folded across his chest and he scans the freshmen and transfers that have come in for the first time, "Welcome." He says, and the students shuffle uneasily. He walks across the lush oriental carpeting, slightly worn with age, but still bright red with brownish patterns over it. He pulls a book off a stately looking bookshelf a thick, heavy tome, and he turns it to a page in the centre, the one page is filled with different writing samples, seeming to be names listed, the next page is blank. The pages are worn, yellowed with age and almost crispy, "Line up, you will scribe your names here." He instructs and the students reluctantly line up and he places a pen beside the book as each student signs in.
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Introduction to the Foyer
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