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 I come for your souls.

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Black Lady of Evil

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I come for your souls. Empty
PostSubject: I come for your souls.   I come for your souls. EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 12:34 pm

Greetings all! I am Autruna (or the Dark Lady of Evil), the second admin of this beautiful home designed for sin. At 21 years old, I am part-time student and part-time (hopefully soon to be full-time) pizza maker at Little Caesar's (Yes, Pizza!Pizza!). I was supposed to work the register, but that is a different story.

I've been writing stories and peotry for a long time now, practically since I could write coherent sentences. But that is neither here nor there. I stumbled upon the roleplaying scene on Neopets. I will admit... it was a terrible experience. I learned what bad roleplaying was first. I then found a KH fanforum, titled, Hearts of Destiny, where I started roleplaying in the KH realm. Again, I was a pathetic fangirl, but not so bad as other roleplayers there, who took the canons out of character (Riku falling in love withing five minutes of meeting someone and screwing the girl within an hour was a major assualt on my innocent and logical mind). I stopped roleplaying for about a year after that site. But eventually found my way to World of Inuyasha, Persona, and GaiaOnline. Where I was introduced to much better roleplays and wee-planned stories. I picke up rusty skills and polishe them. This was the peak of my RP career, then it became tedious and I weeded out old RPs. I only started Yaoi RPs within the past year. My first true challenge in the genre is the one I currently in with Blackwulff, who I met online via a mutual "friend" (and I use that term very loosely). We then met personally in college and decided to RP together. And that brings you up-to-date on my life story in terms of RP and writing. XDDD
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Sinfully Delicious

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I come for your souls. Empty
PostSubject: Re: I come for your souls.   I come for your souls. EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 6:59 pm

You guys make me feel so old. affraid

Gaia Online! cheers the memories.
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I come for your souls.
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