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 From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!

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Dark Lord of Sin

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PostSubject: From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!   Thu Apr 02, 2009 11:41 am

Hello, hello! Your loving and (semi) attentive Admin (Or Dark Lord of Sin, if you prefer) Blackwulff here! As you can see, I'm currently 19 years old, I'm a full time student and a part-time coffee maker/smoothie maker at a place called Maui Wowi (not like the weed, you drug addicts you) and I make fair enough money. I'm headed to University next semester (after being in a community college for 2 years) and will go, from there, to learn with a precision intensity eventually going to Med school, so I can become a pathologist, and soon, hopefully will be voted in as the county medical examiner (what state, however, is optional).

I live in one of the hottest places ever currently (Hell) and it is here (in Hell) I discovered my passion for both writing and RPing. I first started writing RP in a place called The Keep, in about... '03 I think, and, after watching many, very fascinating anime's, I created my character and immersed myself in the world of fantasy, generally. Before the Keep, it wasn't really RP, it was something called a Campfire on, which are kind of like Round Robins, everyone creates a bit of the story and it goes in a circle until it ends. While in the Keep I met my long-time RP partner, QuietScribe, he and I have been writing exclusively Yaoi/Slash RP for about... two and a half/three years. I fell off the Keep at that time, though I always kept up (when I didn't have writer's block) at WDC, where I met Dark, and was part of more than one of her Campfires and we talked semi-frequently. After that I picked up on a place called Illusion Vale, a small community of RPers, the admin was a close friend who I knew on The Keep. Shortly after I met all these wonderful people, I started college, there I met Autruna and here we are, nearly two years later, starting up this place. ^.^

I'm always open to suggestions to improve this place, we are changing all the time and I'm more than willing to take advice from those older, wiser, and with greater RP experience than myself. A leader is only as strong as the people who wish to follow them, after all, and I want to make this as great an experience as I possibly can.
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Black Lady of Evil

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PostSubject: Re: From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!   Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:04 pm

Hi wulff~! cheers I suppose I should post a little intro, ne?
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Sinfully Delicious

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PostSubject: Re: From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:55 pm

Ah, Hell. Been there. *shudders* Razz

Good to see ya, Wulff!
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PostSubject: Re: From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!   

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From Center Stage! Heeeeeeere's Blackwulff!
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