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 Seniors' Lounge

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PostSubject: Seniors' Lounge   Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:07 am

Quote :
The upperclassmen descend to a level beneath the pool, where the water drips down, the walls a living sea. Made of glass, the lower levels resemble a vast aquarium, both salt and freshwater tanks dividing the rooms and common areas. The center is smaller, low couches and cushions together in an intimate setting, sharks and other fish swimming above their heads in ever-connected, watery structures. If one could see beyond, they'd look up into the bottom of the pool above.

The lower levels are cooler and quieter, sounds muffled, and with many hidden nooks and secret crannies to lose oneself, the walls curved and twisting, the doors resembling waving strands of seaweed or luscious coral, or some other structure of the deep. There is peace here.

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Seniors' Lounge
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