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 Introducing the Wind Dorm

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PostSubject: Introducing the Wind Dorm   Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:40 pm

Towering above even the sculpted parapets of the library, the Wind Dorm is tucked away in the far South-Western corner of campus.

This is a building that appears to have sprung up out of the Earth, grown instead of built. Formed like a pyramid, with wide, green terraces at every level, the Wind Dorm is open to the air from any angle. A wide, stone staircase leads up and up and up to the very top in a single straight line.

The staircase opens onto each terrace in a wide landing to allow access to the grass pastures and fields. The landings and terraces grow narrower the closer they are to the top.

The terrace one-down from the top level opens into a hangar built into the hillside. Within the hangar are rows and rows of hang-gliders, of every size and shape imaginable. With these, the students can easily float down to the central portion of campus, or even into the college town beyond. The gliders collapse quickly such that their owners might carry them around unobtrusively.

At the very top of the man-made mountain are the main buildings, also made of stone, with grass growing over the roofs to make gentle, open platforms where students may sit to feel the wind upon their bodies. From up there they can look down upon the country, miles and miles in every direction.

The dorms are deceptively far apart and isolated. Each 'room' is in actuality a small hut and are grouped in clusters of one-dozen around central courtyards. No matter where one might stand upon the summit, there are wide, open spaces and emptiness.

Kites fly and gliders swoop, the air whipping joyful cries from the mouths of those traipsing like goats upon the slopes, laughing and running and leaping as if held up by the wind itself.

This is the Wind Dorm.
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Introducing the Wind Dorm
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