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 Some R&R for the Students/Non-students etc

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Some R&R for the Students/Non-students etc Empty
PostSubject: Some R&R for the Students/Non-students etc   Some R&R for the Students/Non-students etc EmptyThu Mar 26, 2009 6:54 pm

((These I borrowed from a friend of mine's website, so all credit goes to her, the holy and noble Wraith *bows* Adjusted for our use.))

These are the rules for all members of Sins of the Flesh to abide by. If these rules are breached, the poster will be given two chances to either edit or delete his/her post. If this is not done, then that poster will be banned for a predetermined amount of time. Sinners may only be allowed to be banned twice. Third time will be a ban for life.

1) You MUST be eighteen (18 ) years or older to view and participate in the Sins of the Flesh community. No exceptions. If it is discovered that a Valian is under this age limit, they will be banned for life, or until such time as they turn eighteen. THE ADMINS HAVE SPOKEN!!!

2) Do not Flame or harass another Sinner on any thread or idea. If you feel you need to discuss it then feel free to state your opinion but take care NOT to offend anyone. If you have any further issue please notify me (Blackwulff) or my compatriot (Autruna) or discuss it outside of Sins.

3) DO NOT post any personal information on ANY thread. You may post a link to a website with your profile on it but to protect all Sinners, I would ask that you abide most particularily with this rule. While Sins is designed to be a community, I would ask that all Sinners be careful in the information that they let out.

4) No Racism, Sexism, or prejudiced behaviour unless all parties involved are part of an IC thread and fully understand that anything said is not meant to be offensive to anyone other than your character.

5) Please Make seperate threads for IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) in the appropriate forums. It makes for easier reading and management.

6) God Modding within RPGs will not be tolerated. This will result in a warning and a chance to edit your post. If this is not done in an agreed upon time, the poster may be banned for a predetermined time or requested to leave the RPG. Or secretly stabbed by the Admins. We will find you. If there are any problems or questions, refer to Roleplaying: The Ultimate Guide or contact us (Blackwulff or Autruna).

7) When RPing, please avoid one line posts as a common courtesy for other Sinners. A twenty five word limit applies to all RP posts in all forums. I mean it. *growl*

8 ) Please try to stay as active as possible and inform the Sins of the Flesh Team of any planned long term absences. Accounts will not be deleted unless they are inactive for over three months.

9) Spamming of any thread or forum is strictly prohibited. The poster will get one chance with one week to edit/delete their post. If this does not happen, the poster will be banned for a predetermined time period. Or killed. >.>
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Some R&R for the Students/Non-students etc
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