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 The Laughing Hyena OOC

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Dark Lord of Sin

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PostSubject: The Laughing Hyena OOC   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:26 pm

The year, though unimportant, is 6566 AET(Ancient Earth Time), or 10205 SGT (Standard Galactic Time). Earth was used up ages ago, before being destroyed, so humans left and expanded. Other races often look upon humans as a scourge, as a parasite, and often, humans described in intergalactic encyclopedias are described as similar to locusts. Many people capture and enslave humans, while others intermarry with them and crossbreed. There are many half-breeds, and multi-breeds, humans being remarkably versatile and able to breed with both sentient and non-sentient aliens.

Hundreds of thousands of people pass through the port of Unsa-bi every day. Millions more flyers are posted on the bulletin boards around the port, but one, perhaps catches a few special individuals, it reads:

Seeking skilled staff for small - midsize cargo ship:
Pilot, Engineer, and Gunnery expert.
Greenhorns need not apply.
Interplanetary adventure, see new places
meet new creatures!
Seek Kaeth Longclaw at the Maridina Inn!
Or find the Laughing Hyena, Dock 228, Station 34-D
Background checks not required.

Who will answer the call, it's difficult to say, but surely, the cargo, with no background checks can't possibly be legal, right?

In the Maridina Inn, Bar and Hotel, Kaeth is an unusual creature in a port town full of unusual creatures. He's tall, about 6' 4", 7" if you include the black canid ears that swivel and pivot like an animals. He generally sits at a booth, nursing a Darganian Ice Punch, a fedora tucked low over his strange eyes, his black rotan hide pants tucked into a pair of thick, black suede boots that fold over at his calf. A thick jacket wards off the chilly drafts that the door lets in every time it opens. A thick fur ruff around the collar of his jacket allows him to bury his chin and cheeks into the fur to keep himself from freezing to death.

He waits, relaxed, even as bar fights rage past him, even onto his table, all he does is calmly pick up his drink out of harms way until the wayward fighter gets up or is dragged up. The circular bar in the centre of the room is attended by a many-armed sluggoth who makes several drinks at once, his head plugged into the computer mainframe above him, and at the bar there are touch screens set in, so the customer may place his order and wait for his drink, without having that pesky conversation thing that sluggoth's aren't exactly famous for. It is better to ask a bouncer for information than the tender, the bouncers make it their business to know everyone else's.


So the story goes, I have a job, I have tub, I need a crew. The job may or may not be exactly legal, but that shouldn't matter to the folks I hire. The pay's good, and it's a good bite of fun, planet hopping. Now I need you able-bodied, and sanity is fairly optional, but I'd like you mostly in control of your facilities. I don't like traitors, if you sell me or the rest of my crew out, I'll kill you in a second and put you out into the black and let you eat spacedust.

I don't run a charity, so come ready to work and work hard. Know your job and you'll get paid. We don't take sides in this inevitable war. Who pays more, that's who gets the load. Now, I'm not gonna ask questions about your background, if you can work, you'll do. I expect the same favor, agreed?

If you think you can handle constant life on the move, probably not touching ground for a long time. We'll be in space even longer. Somewhat cramped quarters, but you get your own room, sometimes we take on passengers, so there's variety in what you see, day to day, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you can catch an eyeful of some of the creatures that exist in space, some Radiwhales, some Violetdragons, but one can never tell. Will you accept? Are you good enough to join my crew? Then step up, or you'll never know.


The Laughing Hyena

50,000 square feet of gunner/runner ship, the Hyena is Kaeth's pride and joy, his baby, and his treasure. She's three levels tall, lower floor comprises of the cargo hold and the mess hall, the second level comprises of access to the thrusters, the engine, as well as the warp core that connects the thrusters together, engineering in the back of the ship. Further down is a rec room and access to the flight deck via elevator, though only those with a key would be let in.

The rest of the mid-deck is taken up by the life support systems, the escape pods, and the bio-room, where certain plants are held fruits, vegetables, and some other hardy plants to help bolster the life support. On the flight deck is a pilot's station and a copilot's station and a huge front window across the whole of it. The seat is well-worn, many a pilot or one long-lived pilot, wore the love into the leather seat. There's a platform just above the piloting seats where some could watch the stars fly by.

On the upper deck is the living quarters, the doors are airlocked and slide back and forth with the correct coding, will allow folks inside with a hand scanner. Also in the upper deck are the controls for shield generators, as well as the weaponry/parts room. Filled to bursting with spare pieces, parts and various other goodies. Energy pacs, batteries, wires, tubing, and other stuff, shelves on shelves, on shelves of the small, constantly replaced parts.

Up on the very top of the ship and at the very bottom, accessed by a single ladder connecting them through all the decks, are the two gunnery seats, with two, heavy-duty plasma cannons, looking like a later addition to the ship, but it is exceedingly useful for Kaeth's line of work. The guns are two-shot rotators, so dual shots are fired, two per second, semi-automatic with heartbeats to recharge for another barrage of laser-fire. The batteries need to be recharged about every two-hundred shots, give or take a few, so Kaeth's got plenty stashed away up on the upper decks.

On the outside, the ship really doesn't look like much and the inside either, but the outside looks like a wreck. Panels, are mis-matched, some parts look like they shouldn't exactly be where they are, but, according to the captain, 'she runs miles better than she looks', but some people are a little more skeptical, but Kaeth's faith bolsters others.
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Dark Lord of Sin

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PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena OOC   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:27 pm

Name: Kaeth Longclaw

Age: 36

Position desired?: Captain- position held

Where you heard about the job: I own the tub. I am the job.

Species: Am-Tak/human hybrid.

About Species: The Am-Tak are a xenophobic, humanoid race mostly, rarely seen from their home world Kaata. They are well known for their unusual characteristics, like their faintly opalescent sheen to their skin, their white, colorless eyes, and the unusual dual-toned hair, usually in varying jewel shades. The Am-Tak also have large, sensitive ears, not dissimilar to a feline or canid form, as well as a long, prehensile tail, both also are generally two-toned like their hair. Am-Tak males also have a prolific reputation when it comes to sex in all its forms, it could be because of their unusually shaped organ. Spiraled at the end, and tapering into a thicker shaft before ending in an expandable knot, many different species of humanoids and non-humanoids have sought the Am-Tak for the experience of a lifetime.

Appearance: Since Kaeth is not a pure-blood Am-Tak, he had many humanistic characteristics, namely, he's shorter than the Am-Tak, and he has color in his eyes, green eyes with a white pupil, all in all, an eerie sort of gaze. He has single-toned hair, like many humans do, plain black, with a dusting of silver hairs, belying his age, at least to those looking. He has the sheen over his skin, as the Am-Tak do, as well as their ears and the prehensile tail, the same color as his hair. He's relatively hairless, save for his head/ears and his tail. He has a relatively powerful build of a man who'd been in the military for a while, built but not overly so, sleek, like a large cat.

Personality: He's a force to be reckoned with with a laser pistol and a dangerous man if someone's on his bad side, but regardless, he's loyal to a fault to those he deems 'worthy' and as half Am-Tak and half human, he has a strange sense of worth, though intelligence is high on that list. He's a smooth talker, and a coaxer, and he's sharp as a good knife. He doesn't like to be fooled around with and he's got a dry sense of humor that usually comes into play when he's comfortable around the people he knows. He's a good man in a bad trade and has a distinct sense of honor and nobility that is extremely unusual in a dishonest job.

Brief Bio: An ex-military captain of the Separatist Army, he quit shortly after, or rather, was dishonorably discharged for improper relations with a commanding officer, shortly after he fell into a series of jobs with a group of men and women as a gunner, running weapons, and illegal cargo from one planet to another, selling to the highest bidder, and Kaeth saved just about every credit he earned before he left the group and went into the jobs himself. He bought a boat, and fixed it up, repairing it himself so it runs, but he's no expert, and got things to working the way he wanted, even taking it on a test run to the port city where he waited for the crew to come to him. He wasn't quite sure what he was looking for, but he figured he'd know it when it walked in.
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Sinfully Delicious

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PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena OOC   Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:38 pm

Name: GX-130-E1A

Age: 25 months

Position desired?: cargo - position held

Where you heard about the job: I am the job

Species: iDorsai Soldier

About Species: (taken from advertisment)

Design the Perfect Soldier!
The geneticists at iDorsai Universal Labs bring you the ultimate soldier. Fully customizable for any terrain or mission and virtually indestructible! With minimum sleeping and feeding requirements and unswerving loyalty, our soldiers can accomplish the impossible. Satisfaction guaranteed! Full year's supply of food on your first order.
Restrictions and limitations apply. Prices and availability vary. Offer not valid where void or prohibited.

Appearance: in a box

Personality: unknown

Brief Bio: Born with all the knowledge necessary to perform their function, iDorsai soldiers are subjected to testing and evaluation before shipping to the consumer. 1 in 100 fail the initial testing and are recycled. 1 in 1000 are found to be defective after activation. These soldiers are returned to the manufacturer for failure analysis. Those determined to have failed beyond repair are recycled. Those determined to still have some usefulness are re-sold. That is the case for soldier GX-130-E1A; however, in transit to the new owner, his crate is stolen and sold onto the black market. Passing from hand to hand, he finds his way on a list of items to be transfered by the Laughing Hyena en route to his final destination.
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Dark Lord of Sin

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Age : 29
Location : The Flaming Tar Pits of Hell

PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena OOC   Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:56 pm

Name: Abraxas Engail

Age: 24

Position Desired?: Gunnery expert

Where you heard about the Job?: Saw the flyer, figured I'd give it a whirl.

Species?: Ascoombe

About Species: The Ascoombe for many years were thought to be hermaphroditic, merely because it was nearly impossible to tell the males from the females. In truth, however, it was purely females that wandered about outside, while the males were kept inside, sequestered away from the outside world. When the first Ascoombe males were seen, they were almost a whole foot shorter than the women, slim and almost fey-like in appearance, often mistaken for human girls, save for their odd patterning. The Ascoombe are a spotty race, though in three distinct patterns, the first, and most common, is the all over rosette spots, not unlike a leopard's, the second, not uncommon, is a continual spotting over the back and down the legs and across the outer part of the arms while the face and the chest and belly unmarked. The third, the most uncommon and very rare is patterned along the nose and over the forehead, with one or two on the cheeks and a collection of the spots on the backside. Other than the spots, they look relatively human, slightly longer fingernails, perhaps, elongated canines and slightly pointed ears, other than that, it's easy to hide spots beneath makeup.

Appearance: Abraxas is a rare patterned Ascoombe, his upper face colored with silvery rosettes, as well as his backside, his eyes are mismatched, one blue, one yellow, a bit shorter than most of the males of his race, his hair is long and thick, black as the vacuum of space and he often puts it up into pigtails, with giant ring curls, often woven with lace and neon plastic tubing. He doesn't wear mens clothes, quite the opposite, he wears skirts, short tool tutus, dresses, anything short, flirty and dangerous. He has a collection of these dark, ominous skirts as well as an arsenal of make-up, and is able to apply it with the skill that few can, even women. He is often mistaken for a female, though either very young or very short. Even though he wears very little, he is rarely without three or four weapons, he can usually pack two guns and knife on his person, more, if it's something a little closer to his knees. At his most (while still looking drop-dead gorgeous) he could pack up to about twenty weapons at a time, but that's with his inner thigh holster, with a pair of thigh-highs as well as a knife down his spine and a lovely variety of other knives all over his body. But usually it's only the three. He's not particularly well endowed, as most of the males aren't, but it's useful for wearing short things and lacy underthings, which he adores. He's sometimes found smoking, however, a deep abiding love of ancient earth fashion, the need to keep nicotine stains of his fingers, and, of course, the necessity of looking good, he uses a cigarette holder, about eleven inches long, made of Earthian jade, a rare, rare find, and it took him a pretty penny to purchase it, but he treats it with respect, and is rarely seen without it when he does pick up a cigarette.

Personality: This cross-dressing feline-esque male is a fanatic about weapons, he loves guns, swords, knives, and any other manner of death causing thing. They make him tingle. He has a fatalistic sense of humor, anything about death makes him smirk or laugh. He's not a bad person, just weapons give him a massive hard-on. He knows the ins and out of every gun ever made, everything that had the potential to become a weapon became a weapon to him, he can turn a teacup into a deadly weapon, and a ordinary stick into an implement of destruction. He's downright vicious, so don't let his three-inch spike heels throw you off or that slashing red smirk he's a deadly diva and he's more than willing to turn you into swiss cheese if it comes to that. He's decidedly a 'shoot first, ask questions later' kind of guy and it's gotten him in trouble more than once.

Brief Bio: Starting at a very young age, he could disassemble and reassemble guns since he was about three, he had the fastest time ever, at 1.467 seconds, both dismantling and reassembling. From there, he got into bigger and bigger guns, and by the time he was about four or five, he was learning how to shoot, first with a pistol, then larger and larger guns until he was about seven and could accurately fire a rifle at two hundred yards. From guns it went into laser weapons, which he liked, and shortly afterwards he was enrolled in self-defense classes, to protect himself from all the girls that wanted to beat him up for his size. All through elementary he was a fighter, and more than once he was sentenced to time-out and later spankings for his penchant for tangling with the bigger girls, but quickly they learned to leave him alone. By the time he was fifteen he had a bad attitude and a short temper, a very bad combination, and had been in more fights than most of the other people in the school combined. He'd learned how to hold, carry, and wield a knife effectively and had picked up smoking, as well as a love of girls clothing. He'd started wearing it regularly when he was about twelve or thirteen, it took him some time to figure out how the high heels worked. Finally, at about age eighteen, he took to the skies, getting off-world on the first tub that would take him and he's been hopping about ever since, his effectiveness with weapons, being his main study through school, being a huge selling point to mercenaries and illegal traders.
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Black Lady of Evil

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PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena OOC   Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:59 pm

Name: Thomas [Family name not found]

Age: 25

Position Desired: Pilot

Where you heard about the Job?: The flyer caught my eye. I have the experience and the drive. The need to get away certainly doesn’t hurt.

Species: Human

About Species: Humankind destroyed their own planet and expanded into the universe. They aren’t seen in the best of light by most other species, as they tend to be arrogant, cocky, and temperamental, especially when allowed to live in large groups. They breed quickly and so are useful in some cases for reproduction. They can grow strong too, which makes them useful as slaves. The general opinion is that they are useless anywhere else though.

Appearance: Compared to the full-blooded humans I’ve met in my life I think that I’m pretty average height of about five foot eight, but then you never know, I guess. I don’t lack muscles, but I was raised by creatures that are naturally stronger than humans, so to survive I had to build what muscle I could. Light skin, blond-ish hair (more dirty blond, I guess), and light brown-hazel-ish eyes. I don’t have a mirror on me so I can’t give a better description than that. Clothes… as long as they fit and don’t smell (preferably clean, but beggars can’t be choosers, they say), I’ll wear them. I tend to prefer loose, basic clothing that is easy to maneuver in and breathes well. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I’ve got tattoos around my neck, navel and thighs to mark me as a slave. They actually say what I am in some alien language that I never bothered to learn.

Personality: Me? I’m your normal, average, everyday sleazy human male. I like sex, booze, and gambling. You know the drill. Okay, so maybe not, but it makes for a good laugh right? I’m the type of person who values the freedom I worked my ass off to get. It’s not easy, being marked as a slave your whole life. I’ve learned to survive though and less inclined to trust people, which is why a “no questions asked” pilot job is so right for me.

Brief Bio: I was born and bred a slave. I was never actually taught to read any language. I can pick up words here and there, but other than that, nada. Anyway, my mother was a slave; my father was a slave… I was a slave. Stay in the family business, you know. My parents didn’t know each other’s names or anything of the sort. But nothing motivates a body like a good genuine threat. I don’t know if it was for their owners’ entertainment or if they were trying to produce the perfect slave by breeding them together. Who really cares though? What we’re interested in is the fact that they got together and about nine months later, I was born into their world and taken from my mother immediately.

From a baby, I was taught to serve and to love serving. I was passed around from owner to owner, creature to creature. Bought and sold and traded for better models. I still don’t know what they found wrong with me. According to one of my masters there was something in my eyes, some sort of unexpected determination. He told me that some of them were afraid of me, afraid I might do something to them to get back for the cruelties I suffered. He kept me longest, the only one to speak to me as though I was worth something. I was still lower than the dirt on his boot, but it was a step up from a useless slug.

It was while in his care that I learned my skill. He built and tested his own ships and cruisers. I and the other slaves were his “test dummies,” I was the only one who survived long enough to get out of that part of the program. I never learned anything about how to build and fix them, but I certainly figured out how to maneuver, how to run the things. I had found something I enjoyed and so, I took whatever free time I could steal to learn what I could. I was still young then, maybe 14, I’m fairly certain the master knew, but said nothing, as long as I performed my duties. By the time I was probably 18… maybe 20 (I never did keep count of my birthdays, so my age is just a guess), I could handle almost any vehicle thrown at me. This was also the time that my master decided to punish me for my “secret” training sessions. He accused me of stealing and for a possession, like me, the only proper treatment of something that is faulty is to get rid of it.

You didn’t sell faulty machinery and you didn’t sell thieving slaves. You disposed of them. Of course, no one believed that all of the master’s toys were still intact and in great condition. Slaves have no say. So I was scheduled for disposal and locked up for the time between. It was at this time that I plotted my escape. To be fair… I had help. The creature in charge of my disposal (since the master “couldn’t look at me”) had a soft spot for humankind. Or maybe he just liked me, either way, he helped me out of the tight spot and smuggled me out of there alive. I don’t know how he covered it all up; I just know that the creature that was my master believes me dead. I have no intentions of making him think otherwise. So with a name and new found freedom I intend to fully enjoy myself for whatever time I have left.
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PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena OOC   

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The Laughing Hyena OOC
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