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 Fire Dorm's Tour Start

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Fire Dorm's Tour Start Empty
PostSubject: Fire Dorm's Tour Start   Fire Dorm's Tour Start EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 10:29 pm

((This will have taken place before the Wind dorm's portion of the tour.))


While the dorms split up and set of on their tours of the campus, Keegan led his new students to the Rec room. As they entered the room Keegan spoke, "Welcome all to Northwood University. I assume that you all know why you're here, so I won't explain it all out. I am your dorm master, Keegan Anders. You will call me Professor Anders." He moved backwards as he spoke. "This room is where you will likely be spending a lot of your free time here at Northwood, so get well aquainted with it. We call it the Rec Room. Interpret that as you will." He added with a wink. "There are tunnels from each of the dorms leading to this particular room, so enjoy it. This is your place." He stopped in the middle of the room. Before we continue on, does anyone have questions?"
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A Little Sinful

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Dorm's Tour Start   Fire Dorm's Tour Start EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 6:36 am

Kain waited quietly as the Headmaster spoke before most of the other Dorms began to break up and head off. He hadn't eaten anything - and the effects the Headmaster had on him receeded quite quickly. Before long, he noticed his Dorm Master (which he had yet to meet personally) was gathering up those that belonged to him.

Kain rose silently and placed himself amongst the milling students, he did not speak to those around him, though there was much muted conversation and speculating. There was excitement in the air, the fear and anxiety from last night having vanished from most of the new students after their rest.

Kain himself followed along, listening intently to anything Keegan might say as he led them all deeper and deeper into the university's walls. The Hunter had told him to be mindful of those around him, to stay out of trouble and obey the teachers - and he was determined to prove that he could follow instruction.

As Keegan showed the students into the Rec Room, Kain studied the area with eyes that drank in everything. He took in all of the furniture, plus the small areas that seemed filled with different styles of features. There seemed to be everything in this one room and some of the older students were already there, quietly (or not so quietly) chatting away.

Kain had no questions to ask at this moment in time - so he kept silent and waited for any one else to speak.
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Fire Dorm's Tour Start
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