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 Introduction to the Rec Room

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Introduction to the Rec Room Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to the Rec Room   Introduction to the Rec Room EmptyFri Jun 26, 2009 7:51 pm

Introduction to the Rec Room Rec-AtriumBIG

The picture above is the general idea for the Atrium of the Rec Room.

Underground tunnels connect each Dorm and building on campus. Those tunnels also lead to the Atrium of the Rec Room. The Atrium is open and airy, and there are two staircases (and one elevator) leading to the upper level, which is at ground level. The Rec Room is directly next to the Dining Hall.

Inside the Rec Room students will find multiple areas in which to play games, watch TV, purchase snacks, work-out, study or practice spells, or just generally hang out.

If you can imagine it, feel free to add it here. The atrium is the only section which will not change. This section of the University Forum shall be free-form and will not be moderated. Play at your own risk!
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Introduction to the Rec Room
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